Current RFPs:

RFQ 2020-06

The West Coast Inland Navigation District is seeking proposals from individuals, firms, teams or consultants; hereafter called “Proposer(s)” to secure design services for a new operations center. Proposers with design experience of government buildings, office buildings, or public facilities shall provide Architectural and Engineering services for design, schematic design, design development, construction design, and permitting documentation necessary to complete construction of a facility of approximately 4,500 sq/ft, to be located at 910 Gulf Coast Blvd, Venice, FL 34285. The District will select the Proposer most qualified to perform the services described, and which meets all relevant selection criteria. A mandatory pre-proposal meeting will be held on July 21st 2020, at 1:00 p.m. in the District office located at 200 E. Miami Ave, Venice, FL 34285. A conference call option will be available upon advanced request. This meeting is designed to provide Proposers with the opportunity to ask questions about the selection process and the desired design elements. Proposals must be received no later than 2:00 p.m. on August 10th 2020.   Please Note: Hard-copy RFP packets will not be mailed or faxed.  Electronic copy of this RFP can be downloaded from the District website or by contacting Jeff Devine at 941-485-9402 or


RFQ 2020-05

Pre-qualifying of Vendors for Removal of Derelict and Abandoned Vessel

Sealed Responses will be received by the WEST COAST INLAND NAVIGATION DISTRICT (District), as specified on the cover sheet of this “Request for Qualifications”, and opened immediately thereafter by the Executive Director or designee.

Any question regarding this solicitation should be directed to the Contact listed on the cover page of this solicitation, or by calling the DISTRICT at  (941) 485-9402.



WCIND is seeking professional services in the areas of Environmental Engineering and Consultant services including services related to bathymetric surveys, permitting, construction inspection, review and analysis of plans, specifications and record drawings, and performance of feasibility studies.  Additional services may include operational analysis, modeling, and plan evaluation. PROPOSAL DUE DATE:  Ongoing,  at 200 East Miami Avenue, Venice, FL 34285. For details on required information please contact WCIND at 200 East Miami Avenue, Venice, FL 34285, by telephone at (941) 485-9402, or by emailing Parties interested in being evaluated for services, should submit two (2) bound proposals.

Proposals should include the following information where eligible or available:

Background/Summary information on Entity, Qualifications/experience relating to permitting and feasibility assessments, Qualifications/experience relating to survey and construction services, Disclosures, Financials or other evidence of fiscal responsibility, Key Personnel/Organizational Chart/Resumes, References, Past Contracts, Extent of Services available, Fee Schedule, List of Publications

Firms will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Qualifications & Experience
  • Permitting and feasibility assessment qualifications
  • Survey and construction services qualifications
  • Key Personnel
  • Extent of Services Available

All submissions will be reviewed by District staff.  Those firms that receive a minimum qualifying score will be eligible to enter into a continuing services contract for Environmental Consultant/Engineering Services with the West Coast Inland Navigation District.

Upcoming Projects:

Coquina Access channel (Manatee County) on hold

Recent RFPs:

    • SW Cape Coral – Completed
    • Trailer Estates East/Flamingo Cay – Completed
    • Normandy, Plato, Everest and Chantry – Completed
    • Manatee Shores Dredging-Completed
    • Snake Island Restoration- Completed
    • Ft Hamer/Manatee River Dredging-Complete
    • Cherokee Park-completed
    • Longboat Key Emergency beach/sand trap- Complete
    • City of Anna Maria/Lake LaVista Dredging- Canceled
    • City of Anna Maria/Lake LaVista Dredging- complete
    • RFQ Engineering Services-Shortlist
    • RFQ Derelict Vessel Removal-Shortlist
    • Boca Grande Trestle Project-Completed
    • New pass Mechanical-Completed
    • Newpass/Big Carlos Hydraulic-Completed
    • 2018 Warner’s Entrance Channel- Completed
    • 2018 Highland Shores Channel- Completed
    • 2018 Broadway, Hogue, and Intrepid Waters- In progress
    • 2019 Venice Inlet Sand Trap- Complete
    • 2020-01 Architectural Planning and Design Services- Awarded
    • 2020-03 Lover’s Key/New Pass-All bids Rejected
    • 2020-01 Palma Sola- Complete
    • 2020-04 Lyons Bay/Snake Island-Bids opened

Recent Bid Results:

Project Name Lyon’s Bay/Snake Island
Bid Number 2020-04
Date of opening 7/14/2020
Time 2:00pm
Project CY ~7000CY  & 500tons
Preliminary Bid Tab subject to verification of calculations and submittal details.
Contractor Subtotal A Subtotal B Combined Total
Midcoast Construction NA 289,900.00 NA
TSI Disaster Recovery 471,000.00 90,200.00 561,200.00
Metro Equipment Service 367,400.00 257,721.00 625,121.00
Gator Dredging 494,890.00 NA NA
Arbor Tree and Land 567,500.00 295,100.00 862,600.00
ZEP Construction 447,880.00 200,130.00 648,010.00
LPS Contracting NA NA 389,126.00
Project Name Palma Sola
Bid Number 2020-01
Date of opening 5/27/2020
Time 2:00pm
Project CY 175CY
Sea & Shoreline 37,170.00
Duncan Seawall 43,921.00
Quality Marine 41,800.00
Gator Dredging 48,750.00
C&M Dredging 49,925.00
Project Name Lover’s Key/ New Pass
Bid Number 2020-03
Date of opening 5/5/2020
Time 1:00pm
Project CY 14,000CY
Contractor Mobilization/ Demobilization Dredge and Fill Dredge per CY Environmental Protection TOTAL BASE BID PRICE
Florida Dock and Dredge 500,000.00 560,000.00 40.00/CY 200,000.00 1,260,000.00
Marine Contracting Group 30,000.00 709,000.00 50.64/CY 130,000.00 869,000.00
Gator Dredging 350,000.00 551,040.00 39.36/CY 25,000.00 926,040.00
Kelly Bros. 270,379.00 377,720.00 26.98//CY 204,103.00 852,202.00
Versatile Builders, Inc 782,783.14 536,198.79 38.30/CY 63,857.60 1,382,840.74*
*total price as submitted on Exhibit A, WCIND calculated a total bid of 1,382,839.53