Public Facilities Report as required per F. S. 189.415:


F.S. 189.415(2)A – Description of existing facility :

At 200 East Miami Avenue in the City of Venice, WCIND owns property that is 80’ x 100’ with a one-story concrete building consisting of 1,530 sq. ft. of office space.  The porch is approximately 25’ x 5’.  This office accommodates three employees along with office fixtures, furniture, and equipment used to operate the District.  There are eight parking spaces associated with the office located adjacent to the building on the property.  The current demand on the building as WCIND headquarters is as a records deposit/resource center which receives approximately one to two visitors daily during the regular office hours:  weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

F.S. 189.415(2)B – Description of public facility that may be improved in the next five years:

At 200 East Miami Avenue in the City of Venice, the WCIND may require improvements in the kitchen/storage area.  There would be no expansion of the current structure.  Increased funding will be furnished by WCIND budget appropriations supported by funds received from millage levied in each county of the District at .0394 mills annually or from operating reserves maintained by the District.  Certain building maintenance and routine repairs are planned due to the age and condition of the present building.  These expense items are planned and budgeted for FY17/18..

F.S. 189.415(2)C,D,E – This District may propose to replace existing facilities within the next ten years.

F.S. 189.415(3),(4),(5),(6),(7),(8), (9), and (10) – does not apply.